Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quickly Catching Up

No need to think about jumpin' today. Things are doing that all on their own. Episode #413, my debut on The Quilt Show began airing yesterday. It was great to see it, such great reminder of all the fun I had in LaVeta last year.

I am trying to stay close to the studio this week focusing on book two, but I wanted to thank all the great quilters up in Bakersfield (Cottonpatch Quilter's) for a wonderful three day adventure. It was a bit warm (104 at times) but we all had a great time at the workshop... looking foward to seeing the quilts after they are finished up.

The little blocks here were sewn up to be included in the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Empty Spools seminars in 2010.
These went off yesterday,

but not before Edgar (my receptionist) put his two cents in about the work schedule... this he did of course by laying right on top of all the fabrics for

the book two quilts.... h
e'll soon be shoo'd away.

More as the week progresses.

Happy to find stitch' time,

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