Thursday, June 4, 2009

Play Continues

June is shaping up to be pretty busy, but in the midst of all the busy-ness the play group is my oasis. We have now been meeting for over a year and with all our own busy-ness going on we have found that some simple warm up exercises helps let go of all that outside stuff and 'be in the room'. We have a basket that we fill up with simple words or phrases written on slips of paper. Then at the start of each play day we pick one and spend a few minutes letting inspiration come.

Sometimes we draw for 3 minutes per pick, or other times we may use felt and glue. Recently we did quick paintings on sandwich paper (quite fun!), and then this week we did fused fabrics to felt. We up'd the time to 7 minutes for these. They are a great way to refocus... let go of all the other stuff that we may have going on. On occasion these become jumping off points for other personal projects or series... it's always interesting to see what pops up.

The photo I've include here is one from this Tuesdays efforts. The three words were, TRULY, MEANDERING & SMOKIN'. In the photo it shows a row from each of the artists with their interpetations of the words (start left to right). After three rounds of the word game we moved on to try out more things using Lutradur. A fun, relaxing time in the middle of BUSY-NESS.

Hope you get to try it for yourself sometime soon.
Happily stitchin' & writing book two,

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