Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter - Next Beginning

this was the stack that awaited me on Saturday morning....

A quilter friend of mine who spent many a day helping me stitch up projects for my new book made the comment that she now understood how getting the top done was really just the beginning of what was to come.

Well, she is right. With the quilt top done, for me, the fun begins.
But to get you caught up.
Yesterday started with a pile of pieces and ended with a finished quilt top.

Today that top is hanging and all sorts of things are being contemplated as I go forward.
this was my last piece..
and, notice I use masking take instead of pins on the freezer paper

no room for a great picture of the quilt top, but I think you get the idea
Now, I have to go find some batting.....
and, start picking out yarns for the couching. Hmmm.
Happy Sunday!


Shirley said...

You are FAST, would've taken me a week to do that. He is a rollicking raven. How big is her?

Valerie Kamikubo said...

What fun this raven seems to be having as it fully engages in the winter joy! Hope that that's how it goes for you too, as you embellish this one, Rose :-)

Rose Hughes said...

Hi All-thanks for the comments. Shirley, the fast part really is the Fast-Piece Applique construction method. It leaves lots of time for my fav part of embellishing. This piece, like the other seasons quilts is 45" x 45"... and I'm hoping to get started pulling it all together SOON.