Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, Thank Cuteness:

When I saw this little project I was immediately entranced. I love seeing all the pictures of the cuties around us and what a perfect time of year to to say thank you for all the cuteness.

With that said I immediately set out to think of all the cuteness I could possible share. Hmmmmm.
I've got a couple of really cute - troublemaker, cats: but Edgar and Nikki in all their cuteness barely tolerate having their pictures taken. This said I was reminded of another 'once' cute -- now, wouldn't dare call him cutie, soul who just barely tolerated his mom taking a picture character.

The picture I'm sharing is of my son, Aragorn.... once this young man who was tolerating his mom's request for a clown photo. I had to pull this off the wall above my desk and scan it --- yes, this tells you a bit about it's age.
He has always hated this photo, and though he is now a grown man, with home and family of his own he will always be my cutie.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Definitely cute!

Rose Hughes said...

thanks Val - my son has found out this is posted and is threatening to find a way to delete them all... he, he, he... do I sound worried?