Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Battery Re-Charge

I love my small Nikkon camera but over the last month or so it has been giving me grief. Never holding a charge and dying just when I needed to take a picture of this or that during my 'book' phase. This all ended this morning as a new battery (finally purchased) was slid into the charger. I was hoping for a quick charge to get my camera behaving before setting out for a bit of recharge for myself. And, voila! This new little beauty charged in record time and I was off.

My own personal re-charge started when I picked up my friend and fellow quilt teacher, Susan Carlson, for a bit of LA run around. Susan has been visiting several quilt guilds here. Her own home sits along the Atlantic coast in Maine, so we went off wandering along one of my favorite local Pacific beats.

The road led along the rocky coast through Palos Verdes, where we stopped for a bit of Japanese food. The perfect  weather, and great company. made it really hard to leave this lovely spot, but we pulled ourselves away for a bit of a wander through Angels Gate- where we saw the Korean Friendship Bell and also the Angels Gate Lighthouse...

Here are just a few pixs from the day. I hope they give you a bit of a re-charge, too!


Valerie Kamikubo said...

I've been contemplating a new battery for mine, too. Angel's Gate Park is always fun.

Rose Hughes said...

the perfect place when the sun is out and time is is so close. hope you get a chance to go soon!