Monday, May 9, 2011

Student Week - Kick Off - Cristie McGuire

Hi All -
Some months are just busy, and May is one of those times for me this year. I will be popping in an out and I thought it would be a great time to share some student works. These are photos taken of the quilts project either started during of from things learned in one of my workshops. Wherever possible I have included the quilters own words.

Hope you enjoy these & have a great week! ~Rose

To start off the week we have a piece by Cristie McGuire--

Cristie's own words:  I finally finished the quilt of my walk along the Seine River in Paris on my 50th birthday, in which I used your fast-piecing appliqué and embellishment techniques that I learned in your classes this past spring (i.e., the fast-piecing applique class sponsored by Canyon and embellishment class sponsored by Seaside).

The quilt is small (17.5” x 25”), but very lively. The quilt is heavily beaded. I loved doing the quilt and got carried away with the beading (I am not sure if the beading shows up well in the pictures). The title of the quilt is “I may have been born in San Francisco, but I left my heart in Paris.” If you look closely there are three heart shaped beads in little pockets in the cloud at top left (am not sure you can see them in the photo). I loved using your techniques and plan to use more of them in the future. I have already got plans to embellish my Lyn Mann “birthday” quilt using a combination of your embellishment techniques. Fun!

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