Monday, January 3, 2011

Sketchbook Postings - As You Walked Through the Door

Last week's Tuesday Teaser was As You Walked Through the Door
What do you think of when you hear this phrase?
Grab your sketchbook and 'go for it'!

Lisa/ from Australia used this teaser to create in words and is sharing the following:

......well it was actually me who walked through the door and you were on the television......everything went into slow motion and I had to sit down on the bed and mouth wide open the entire time. 

All of a sudden I had the perfect subject to explore in my art...yes I had heard the raven flapping at the window begging for attention, but I never thought to put him in my studio.

Now less than two years later my life is filled full of raven hearts, my art has been hung in the CBD of Sydney, Australia and about to be shown in Tokyo, Japan.

That's what I think of when you ask the question "what comes to mid when you hear .....".

I have told you too many times...bothered you often .....and every time you have been so nice to me.....approachable.  I love you and still can't thank you enough.....Rose Brenna Hughes.  <15 minutes is up>    :-)

and a set of drawings & collage from a sketchbook:

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