Monday, January 31, 2011

From My Heart to Yours

Here’s an easy & fun Valentine’s Day project that you, your friends and your family would love to make or receive, and each is made using crayons and fabric paint.
For the heart fabric you will need:
4 ¼” x 5 ½ “ of white pre-washed cotton fabric
crayons (glitter, metallic or gel crayons work great!)
heart rubber stamps without words
found textured items for background – a plastic tablecloth was used for the samples
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint (I use Createx Airbrush Paint)
1” Paint Brush
Small plastic cups or lids (for palette)
Paper Towels
Iron/Ironing board
To turn your painted fabric into a quilt card you will need:
Piece of batting, 4 ¼” x 5 ½ “
Piece of backing fabric 5 ¼” x 6 ½ “
Sewing machine
Pre-made 5”x7” card and envelope
coloring and painting the fabric!
  1. Select several (4-6) crayons from the same color family (i.e. reds or pinks or blues) mixing them gives more dimension to colored area
  2. Place rubber stamp or textured item under the fabric, face up, positioned where you would like image to appear on fabric
  3. Holding the item in place under the fabric, rub one of the crayons over the fabric revealing the design as you rub. Press hard, changing colors as you rub until you have the item colored as you like
  4. Move or change the textured items along, under the fabric, coloring until the fabric is colored as you like.
Once the coloring is completed, IT’S TIME TO PAINT!
  1. Lay a piece of freezer paper out that is slightly bigger than the fabric to be painted.
  2. Select the color(s) of paint for the background of your work
  3. Mix paint using approximately 1 tsp of paint to ¼ C of water
  4. paint over the entire piece & allow to dry
  5. Once dry, place painted fabric between layers of paper towels and iron to remove the wax and to heat set paint. Iron to heat set for time indicated by paint manufacturer.
1.      Sandwich the quilt top fabric (face up); with the batting and quilt back fabric (face down), making sure that the top & batting are centered over the backing fabric
2.      Bind the little quilt as you like
  1. You little quilt may be machine quilted/ painted and embellished as desired.
  2. The final step is to tack the little quilt onto the front of pre-folded card stock 5”x7”.
 Your card is now ready to send, but don’t forget that this fabric painting technique can be used year round for making your own fabrics for your own uses.

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