Monday, November 8, 2010

More In Black & White

I hope you all enjoyed visiting the blogs on the Bloggers Quilt Festival and seeing all the quilts... it really is a always a lot of fun, and especially nice for you can keep traveling the blogs long after all the quilts have been taken down in Houston.

Today though, I wanted to continue sharing the current happenings in my design group.

Meeting once a week we use this time together to work on general design work, topics and/or materials of interest and things very much removed from what may be going on in our own studios. We usually have a plan... a big picture for the day/week or month and for the next several weeks we planned to use art works found in old Christies Catalogs as jumping off places for our design exercises. Then using the criteria for the day we each create 3 spin-offs from the original - and for each we have 20 minutes. This week, we could use only black & white for our creations.

I've included here pictures of my own three pieces....

A long view of our table in action ---

And, some of the works from the rest of the design group..

I hope that by sharing these little adventures that you may find one or two that you might like to try yourself.

Want to join us regularly?!?
You need only pick yourself up a sketchbook
and check in here for details.
or, leave a comment-
if there's  interest we could kick off
an on-line design group!

This coming week we'll be working in the same way, only using color.


Jo said...

Sounds like fun. I would like to join.

quilthexle said...

Oh I would love to join you! Your pieces look intriguing, it sure would be fun to do that in an online group.

Analeerose said...

An online groupsounds great! Count me in.

Rose Hughes said...

well, looks like we have a bit of interest... so, I hope that you'll get a sketchbook and join in... keep watching the blog here for more coordination of this adventure, and of course please chime in with suggestions... we'll try taking it the next level!