Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The 1st - Tuesday Teaser

I've been giving some thought to trying to put together an on-line design group. So many of you have mentioned that you long to be part of just such a gathering, but time, location and maybe the distance between you and any other willing participants have kept you away.

Well, as I work through this process I thought it might be fun to share some of my own DG's fun and open the things we do to any of you who'd like to join along.

We decided to become a bit organized in our efforts this year, so each of us has purchased a sketchbook 9X12, that has a heavier weight paper (so we could use a variety of mediums as may suit)... and we were off.

The Tuesday Teaser will be the same opening exercises we do. We all have put a word or series of words onto slips of paper & thrown them all into a basket. Then when we arrive we pull a slip out - announce the word - set the timer (1) 5 minutes for pencil drawing & (2) 15 minutes for collage - and we're off.

This morning, (just to let you know we are not stuck on too many rules) the slip came out and everyone groaned --- too many words... pick another --- again too many words... well, the third time we just decided to throw a bunch of them together and you could pick & choose what you wanted. So please, take what you like and enjoy the process.

Out long winded words ended up being -
A long time ago, a secret is revealed at Jr.High in the morning...

Below is a photo of our sketchbooks all showing the collages we came up with.

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