Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Mind Spin & Sharing Too!

What a week?!? It's that time of the year when there seems SO much to do... and this week just disappeared. I am happy though to report that most of my time has been stitching on the A Maizin' quilt - where I am happily at the embellishment phase... nothing like having to wade through yarns, beads and shiny fun things. I have also been working on learning new Photoshop designing methods and I have not gotten through the rough stuff and having a great time. All this equates to little time for posting, but I do have a fun sharing.

A while back I got an email from Annette Burston from Australia. She sent a really nice note commenting on my Dream Landscape book, but even better she sent a photo of the first small Fast-Piece Applique learning project. With her permission I am posting it here. Normally I might clean away the background but I loved how Annette framed her piece and has it sitting on a small shelf -- obviously in a place she walks by everyday.

These types of messages are all special, so I do hope you enjoy seeing these treasures. Annette mentioned she'd love to chat with other quilt artists and she has started her own blog... please stop by her blog and leave her a word or two!

Happy Sunday All - and if you're lucky enough to be celebrating Thanksgiving this coming Thursday I wish you a wonderful day.

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