Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hi All- I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday weekend. Mine was spent close to home and fun was had while attending a number of gatherings and spending time at home working on some of the first deadlines coming up quickly for my new book. All was loads of fun, and though I would have loved to have been up in Seattle wandering around the Folk Life Festival it was not to be this year.

I did want to share a little story that I heard at one of gatherings this weekend, for it's meaning has rung true, true, true for me. The story is really a question. If there are four frogs on a log in the stream and one decides to jump off how many are left? Most everyone there, said OK, it's too easy, so we must have it wrong and answered 3. Well, we were wrong, and the story teller went on to say that the frog had only decided to jump, he hadn't really jumped. Therefore, there were still 4 frogs on the log.

This made me sit up and take notice, for it hit home. While I consider myself a person of action, I'm no different than everyone else who knows what they should do, decides to go for it and then finds something, anything to stop us (ha) from jumping. If we never jump, even the first hop then we'll never know whether or not it is successful or not.

Today, I JUMP!

and, I know the thing that needs that action.

There are so many things that we want to do, decide to do and then fizzle out. I hope that you now will remember the frogs and pick one thing and JUMP!

Happily stitchin' & Now Jumpin'



Lora Martin said...

Hey Rose,
Thanks for reminding me about the frogs. I usually think about them so long that they stop jumping and just lay there flat. I'm off to make some sketches right now!

Rose Hughes said...

Hey Lora. Great to hear from you. Hope the frogs keeping jumping and I look forward to seeing some of those sketches as quilts.

Judy said...

I'm very happy to have a quilt you made in 2006 that shows a white bird in flight (not just thinking about jumping/flying!) against one of your signature layered skies with clouds and refracted rays of sun. My one year-old granddaughter is a new walker and from this vertical perspective recently surveyed the fair amount of art work on our walls. When she saw your work she absolutely lit up, wanted to be lifted to better inspect it and had a few "baby jargon" words to say about it. The piece obviously "spoke" to her and I only wish I knew what she was saying in response!