Saturday, May 2, 2009

Collectors All

It's been a busy week and filled with family visits and preparations for a bunch of May birthdays. My brother visited and everyone converged happily for dinner at my place last night. Adding to a collection of 'funny moments while playing cards' was the skunk that obviously was surprised by a local cat. I mention it as part of a collection because while waiting at the local B&N, I ran across a book called How To Be An Explorer of the World Portable Life Museum. What an unexpected delight it is. Artists are by nature collectors. Visual artist friends have homes filled with not only art, but little treasures of all types.
In my house my absolutely favorite collection (and there are many, many) is the Zuni fetishes. All ravens, and all with their own little perches that I have made for them all over the years. Like any good collection the first one sets the tone. My first
Zuni raven fetish came as a gift from my boss at the time (Steve). I know he knew how ravens had invaded my life, and this small exquisite perfectly carved bird (from jet) had found it's true home. I on the other hand had no idea just how many different small little ravens there could be out there. This collection stands now at 24.... and I'm sure there will be more added.

In this new book by Keri Smith she shares her belief in the need for us all to play, explore and become collectors of 'things'. They may be a collections of sounds heard while sitting quietly, or things you see on a morning walk. I believe that as we explore and collect we are expressing our curiosity and embracing play.

What do you collect? I'd love to hear about your collections, and what got them started?

Happily Stitching

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