Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A SAQA Valentine's Day

A BIG THANK YOU... to all the folks that turned out on Valentine's Day for a few hours of fun. Fun we did have...it started out with a whole room of people putting together mat frames. The tape dispensers buzzed and scissors snipped and within a half hour we had close to 200 frames ready to receive the 'specials' of the day.

Those specials were samples sent in by quilt artists all over the world to be part of the SAQA@20 Trunk show. These pieces are now all framed and on their way to Texas where a dedicated member of SAQA will be handling requests for the trunk show of treasures to travel
over the next year.

The lucky volunteers had a great time seeing so many of the little treasures and it was interesting that everyone there tended to covet a different artist's piece. I'm not telling which was my favorite... it would really be to hard to decide. Anyways, the photos here are of many of the volunteers both for the matting party on Saturday, and the fun work of photographing everything on Sunday.

Hope everyone gets to have a chance to covet their own favorite. ~Rose

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