Sunday, February 1, 2009

Organizing Quilt Art Spaces & Life

January has been especially chaotic, for besides all the normal day-to-days of things to do, I have also been rearranging every room in the house. This has all been so that I could move my studio into a bigger & better space, but in the process everything in the house has been picked up, thought about and moved, or been moved on. You think when you start a project like this that it will take so much time, but then you start to find all sorts of things. I was surprised at just how many places hidden behind this thing or that, that my cat Edgar had made his home. This meant that I found piles of black fur all over the place! Who knew. At a certain point this month the pile of things to be moved on had grown pretty high in the hallway, which is also where the closet is that holds the broom & mop. I knew that the broom was just begging to come out....

It is never a small undertaking. A true test of my organizational skills.

Today I was painting furniture and even found some time to quilt.
The studio is beginning to take shape and I am looking foward to spending more time there... andy day now.

Look for pictures soon. ~R

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natalie. beyond the reef said...

Rose -
What an incredibly diverse artist you are - painting the walls, painting furniture, painting fabric...
Thank you for sharing!