Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Buddies - Teaching for East Bay Heritage Quilters

What FUN! Saturday as the sun chose to stay hidden behind the clouds a bunch of lucky folks joined in the fun at the first day of workshops I was to teach for East Bay Heritage Quilters.
It started out as it does with a fun test to put us in the mood for fabric. The guild hostesses Jo & Diane were great and had everything all set up and ready to go... I do love it when a plan comes together. It makes it easy to jump right in and get to know a group of quilters and share with them the excitement and ease of my construction techniques. We all have way too many quilts in our heads and a need to be able to get them done quickly but well. Everyone was well on their way to having their tops done by the lunch break and after that the sewing machines buzzed with yarns of all colors being couched.

We heard ghost stories at lunch and there was quite a bit of talk about when you gotta cut down a tree.... or when nature decides it's time for that tree to go. Can you imagine coming home from a vacation only to find the tree in your front yard gone? Then even better, to find out that the neighbors kindly took total care of it's removal after nature decided while you were away that it was time to go.

After this we all got back to sewing, and by two everyone's minds had turned to embellishing. This gave us a chance to break, see everyone's quilt, and talk about beads, stitching, and creating fabric embellishments for the pieces everyone had been working on during the day. As the teacher it is always was a lot of fun to see everyone's piece progressing along. What a great group... wish I had photos of them all to share.

Happily... if a bit wet... stitching! ~Rose

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