Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mind - Mapping Check-In

As 2012 rolled in all seemed rather elusive and unfocused. The mind mapping 2-minute lesson really helped me to identify the larger areas of my work life, and as Roisin said the mind dump had the immediate calming effect that I needed.

It let me get it all out of my head and out there for me to see. Each major category has it's own branch that then can be pulled out and mapped on it's own. Once mapped out, tasks can be added and the priorities seen.

My own two branches that needed tending were -administrative & -product development.
Time is still tight, but I can now see what must be done and know that all the other things have there place on the map and will not be forgotten.

and, even though my original mind dump was with paper and markers I found a great app for my iPad that lets me take the maps along and work on them anywhere. my app choice... iThoughtsHD

above is a peek at my admin map -- what you can't see are the little +/- sign indicating more branches to be seen, but they are there to guide the way.

I'm off now to find some more coffee, check the map and start my day.

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