Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just In - From Asilomar

Mary Mayne just forwarded these pix on -- and I had to share!

Anyone taking my workshops may have taken part in 'morning sharing'. I gather the students for a bit of time together. One of the things I like to have everyone do is give themselves 'permission' to do something they may have been wanting to do, but were having a hard time. (I have to give credit to Kara Jones -Mother Henna's book - 1,000 Permissions Granted for the idea)

The group in Asilomar gathered from all points -- with students from England, Scotland, Illinois, Washington and California -- and most wanted to make sure they got down to the beach to get their feet in the water. Seeing that we were to spend Memorial Day together it seemed quite fitting that we planned to have a bit of our own picnic on the beach. Needless to say we had a blast and of course we needed pictures. As we got in close for a group shot we handed five cameras to a poor young gentleman who just happened to be standing there. Then many of us got our foot in the 'beach toes' picture, too! It was just a bit more proof as to why Asilomar is such a fun place to take an Empty Spools workshop.

In looking back it was pretty smart to have the teacher be part of the adventure - this way insuring no one was late back to class.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

What fun... a workshop with a field trip!

Rose Hughes said...

and we didn't have to go too far afield -- just give ourselves permission to turn off the sewing machines and get ourselves down to the beach -- it was fun Val, thanks for leaving a comment!

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

Oh oh oh what fun to be giving yourselves permission at the beach, too! Such a release to have the waves of water there taking what you let go of and bathing what you intend! I loooooove that everyone grooved on the Permission Slips, too. Fantabulous! xoxooxox k-

Rose Hughes said...

oh, Kara - thanks for your comment and of course thank you for the wonderful book! it is just about a year ago that I walked into that bookstore on Vashon and saw all the giant permission slips... what an inspired concept. hope to hear more fun things coming out soon.