Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Countdown to 2011 - Last Tuesday Teaser of 2010

 December has been filled with holiday delights. With the new year right around the corner, most of us reflect a bit on the old year and start making plans for the new one. Being creative and seeing things from different perspectives is important to me, and this little exercise has proved to be a door opener for ideas. Try it out... you'll understand what I mean.

The Tuesday Teaser subject this week is:
as you walked through the door

  Join in fun, and share with others your own Tuesday Teaser
drawing & collage, or words & short tale.
It’s easy, so grab your sketchbook or some paper.
1. make a timed drawing (5 minutes) of something/ anything that comes to mind when you think about the teaser
2. create a collage (15 minutes) using the drawing ideas to guide your way

Or if you love is of words…
1. make a list of all the words this week’s teaser makes you think up (5 minutes)
2. create a short tale (15 minutes) using your word list

I'll be posting the design group's sketchbook results on Monday-next.
I'd love to share yours, too so email your drawings or word wanderings to me... Tuesday Teaser and I'll include as many as possible!

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