Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Analee Perica

I hope you enjoy meeting Analee. The moment we met, we clicked. This was some number of years ago at a workshop at the Quilters Studio in Newbury Park, CA, and Analee was just retiring from teaching and wanting to quilt. Well, she lost no time in learning to Fast-Piece Applique and using it in her own work, with her own wonderful hand stitching. I've never seen any more precise stitching, whether it is is embroidery, or crocheting, knitting, and I love how she sees something in her head and just sets about to make it happen!

I have had a lifelong love affair with handcraft. Any and all skills involving flashing fingers carrying needles/tools/fibers and fabric. In 2006, after a 36 year career as a K-Adult Educator I embarked on my second life as Tangential Fiber Montage artist.

I began with classes from Rose Hughes and the Quilters' Studio in art and traditional quilting, and since I enjoy creating one of a kind appliques for purses, wearable art, and art quilts I am always exploring how to combine kumihimo, knitting, crocheting, beading, felting, doll-making, embroidery/stitching, and fabric arts into art montages.

Many of these montages make their way onto my husband's special 'travel vests'. He has greatly influenced my art and retirement, and is himself a world traveler. Plans for each of his trips begin by him requesting a new personalized 'travel vest' for each country he visits. Each vest features a hand chain stitched motif reflecting the culture he will be visiting. We are at 6 and counting! The Blue Thunder Dragon of Bhutan is my favorite. The Orangutan vest is due by his departure for Malaysia in July 2010. My own travels with him inspired the quilt art piece that will be part of Rose's new book.

You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't take the teaching out of the teacher. I love working with adult students in the arts of kumihimo and hand stitched machine appliques for wearable art, and I invite you to visit my website and blog to see photos and bloggy thoughts.


Analeerose said...

Thanks, Rose. What a great write-up! It is hard to wait for the June unveiling of your new book. You are a fabulous mentor, and I thank you a thousand fold for all your help and encouragement.

Rose Hughes said...

Right back at you Analee, thank you for being part of the new book and always having some wonderful new 'to me' way of needling up yarns & thread into fun embellishment opportunities.

Decorative Textiles said...

I love the koala quilt Analee. It makes me want to pet its ears.

Lynn Thompson

Anne Copeland said...

I really LOVE your animal pieces! I am quite the animal lover and these are truly beautiful and the animals look so real! Great job!