Friday, April 23, 2010

Patricia Charity - Guest Quilt Artist

I met Patricia (Trish) several years ago. She attended one of my workshops and was the student in the corner who quietly worked on creating her selected photo, using and learning my Fast-Piece Applique method all the while making a piece that was totally Trish... an amazing piece that brought a vineyard to life. Since that time I have delighted in getting to know her better and to enjoy the beauty, skill and artistry that she brings to all her work.

In her own words:
I have always drawn. I have always loved art. I was dismal in 8th gr
ade Home Ec class and it was a wonder that the jumper I made actually fit onto my body and hung reasonably straight. Who would have known that these two disciplines with such opposite results would become the basis for my art? I have always said that I make quilts instead of clothes because they don't have to fit any thing and if it has an odd angle, it is a design element and not a dart gone wild.

I find it interesting that the artworks I am drawn to in the 'fine art' world are the things that I struggle with in my own work. I tend to create soft and restful pi
eces that are more representational and yet I love the graphic and abstract images of higher energy artists. I am working with more abstract designs as I stretch myself in these new directions.

I love incorporating new techniques and materials in my work. I am always looking for unusual fibers and techniques that drawn the viewer in closer to try to figure out what is actually giving that subtle light shift on the surface.

One of the things that I find really interesting as I create my
body of work is that I have a definite color bias. I dislike pink, the pale baby pink, but find that deep raspberry of fuchsia shows up in a lot of my work. I love the warm fall colors and I feel that this is where a lot of that restfulness comes from my work. Life can be so stressful at times and I think that I create my pieces to bring me to a quiet and meditative place, a place where I can hear the whisper of my soul.

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