Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Presepctive - One of Many Definitions

Like many others I love a new blank notebook. It is filled with possibilities, so in beginning this study on perspective I have sought out the perfect blank notebook...

Now to set about filling the pages, I like to start an exploration by first finding out the definition. By looking up perspective I found many interesting directions to go. Paths of discovery...

The etymology of the noun perspective had its origins from the Latin prospectus, then the later Old Italian prospetto and more recently the Middle French prospectiva. And, of course any Jane Austin reader might think of Elizabeth Bennett speaking of something having or being a 'fair prospect'.

Within the definition I found there were mentions of techniques of reproducing perspectives in drawing.... but my wanderings that start today are influence by the definition -- a visible scene, and the appearance to the eye of objects in respect to their relative distance and position.

The first picture for my book was taken a few days ago. While off with some friends we were sitting waiting at a traffic light when this huge tire appeared. The size and just how big it was in comparison to everything around us was intriguing and luckily I had just enough time to pull out the camera to take this picture..... What do you think?

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