Friday, February 26, 2010

Apples For the Teacher

This has been a very thought provoking, productive and definitely interesting week, and since it started with Critical Life Lessons, pasted long ago into my sketchbook, you shall now have the last one there. It reads:

Don't ever make a promise you can't keep.

Very wise...

I have now wound my way through tax prep, and will soon be diving into the embellishment of my 'yellow brick road' piece, but the picture here is the one I worked on last night in Photoshop class. Learning the tools... it's all about knowing various ways to get from here to there, and our teacher is of the same mind. Makes it more like it should be... So, these are apples for Gil. Great job & thanks!


kimbuktu said...

Did you use the lasso tool? I still haven't mastered that one. Very nice apples, and good advice about the promise thing too.

Rose Hughes said...

I normally would have used the lasso, but class was about using the pen tool. Never liked it before last night. I do now!