Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stitchin Continues

I have been working on several pieces over the last month and while there are some that have been completed and others awaiting embellishment, one has been in the back of mind waiting its turn to come together in fabric. It started back in--August, on a warm sunny morning traveling towards Yosemite. The hills covered with golden grasses, the California live oaks and the boulders laying delicately amongst the grass..... I even blogged one of the photos. Well, the piece finally came out of incubation. The pictures here are of this piece in progress... first off the drawing, culled from the photos taken back on that warm sunny morning. Then there were the solid fabrics I had been asked to use exclusively for this piece, and lastly some of those same fabrics after a day of discharging. I hope you enjoy seeing the transformation of these fabrics. They are now all being cut up and prepped for sewing, but it is fun to see the vast array of affects you can get when setting out to remove color. Will post more as the piece progresses.

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