Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bag of Tools

This week has been filled with pulling all of the parts together for book 2 and getting them shipped off to Martingale. Quilting friends and even some non-quilters have stopped by to help or lend moral support... It has been really busy and fun, and I'm hoping to have it all out the door today! Yesterday was photo day for 'the author' and the three young people that showed up for the photo shoot were great... Angelique, Jessica & Carlo... Now I'm really looking forward to seeing the results. Cynthia Catlin came by as well, and besides being my reminder to sit up straight she brought over her wonderful 'tool bag' created especially for the book. The picture here does not do it justice. The color, the stitching and the BEADING! Well, guys your tool bags are nothing in comparison, so eat your heart out... Thank you, Cynthia! I'm jumping back into the fray. ~Rose

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