Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morning Coffee

I've been sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and contemplating the day... which will ultimately have me visiting with Orange Blossom Quilt Guild in Visalia, CA. I am enjoying the quiet time, staring down the cat... for it is obvious that I have encroached on her space, and moving between my on-line travels and the wonderful new issue of Fabric Trends Magazine. While it is fun to chat and see everything on-line I do admit to loving the feel of the slick pages and the beautiful color that their springtime issue has. Not to mention the great review of my book that you'll find amongst the pages (92). The fabrics they are showing are luscious, and the quilt patterns are simple enough to show off these beautiful prints while interesting enough to keep you wanting to come back for another look. Even this dyed-in-the wool quilt artist loves a great pattern made up with great fabric... and my favorite from the magazine was the one called Rhapsody in Color, designed and quilted by Roxanne Hepker for Red Rooster Fabrics, though there were a few very close seconds.

I don't know how you spend that bit of quiet time you have. Whether yours comes at the beginning, the middle or the end of the day. It's important to have a bit of time where you can soak in some color, focus your energy and enjoy.

I'm looking forward to my trip later on today. It will take me through the Grapevine here in California, and this time of year that means wildflowers and poppies... some of my favorites. I've also got a little detour planned for that half-a-down day. If the weather holds there may be quite a few new photos to share from my adventures through Kings Canyon. Land of the GIANTS.

Check back later on this week to share the back road fun, and enjoy your bit of quiet time.

In Stitches ~Rose

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