Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journey into Journey

There was nothing in the manual about heading off for adventure and wonder,
but there should have been!

Life is full of wonder, and I have always been excited about experiencing the unknown and traveling, (even if just around the corner) to find something new that I had not noticed before. This is why 27 years ago that I packed up everything I needed, along with my son and camping gear and headed off for a cross-country journey from Florida to California.

I took a road well traveled then, as it is today -- I headed west on 10. It took me through many new places and though I did not take time for exploration then, I have gone back to spend time in many of those big and small towns I saw while driving.

Today, I am one week out for setting out on another journey. It is exciting to be headed off somewhere new and unknown, but it is a bit more bittersweet this time. There is WAY more stuff that I am taking now that could ever have fit into a '80 Honda Accord. There is so little time and sooo many friends and acquaintances to say farewell to... good thing we have Skype, and phones and planes!

The packing continues, but other things are changing, too!

Be on the lookout for a blue Outlander headed for Kentucky!
Look for the relaunch of my website --- we are really, really close,

and behind that there is a blog relaunching, too!

All, part of the wonder that I have been cooking up for a while.

Stay tuned for updates on all fronts!



Mia Bloom Designs said...

I wish you all the best in your new adventure, Rose. You're such a kind spirit. I remember dropping off a quilt late one Friday night at your place for jo to pick up. It was the night before your open studio. You gave me some cookies to take on my drive back to Burbank. It was such a sweet gesture.

Rose Hughes said...

sweets for the sweet Mia -- I have always enjoyed the time we have spent together, and I love seeing all your new work

Daily said...

Love and aloha, Rose, on this wonderful new adventure. AND you are getting closer to me. Aloha always.