Thursday, July 5, 2012

Color-The Perfect Inspirational Lift

My friend and I took a bit of a break on Sunday and headed out for brunch and a bit of a wander. After our yummy breakfast we headed out for a bit of a walk. Well, truth be told we headed out for a color infusion at our local (amazingly wonderful) yarn store. Me the quilter (though admitted big time coucher), made a few select purchases, while my friend the knitter took home only a large dose of color inspiration. Enjoy!


Valerie Kamikubo said...

There's just something about yarn... perhaps the tactile quality of it. I used to crochet years ago, but am afraid that if I gave it a try now, I'd be lost. This looks like a great day, Rose. The colors are wonderful!

Rose Hughes said...

It was fun day and unexpectedly inspiring -- you never know. And, Val there is definitely something about yarn. My collection grows and grows and I don't even knit...good thing I couch a lot!

mascanlon said...

One of my favorite places although I am only barely a knitter.