Monday, December 12, 2011

Wild Weekend

The weekend had been filled with friends and visitors stopping in for my Open Studio, but right in the middle of the whole thing came the announcement about the arrival of a full lunar eclipse way earlier than the crack of dawn on Saturday.

I could not resist the idea of seeing this happen first hand, so I headed out around 5:30 and headed up the hill for the seemingly best vantage point. Many of you know that I live on a hill smack-dab in the middle of Long Beach and on a clear day I can see downtown Los Angeles to the NE, Catalina Island to W and up and down the southern California coast.

Well, I was not disappointed. I pulled up and found that I was far from alone in my desire to see the red moon. Cars were already beginning to line up along the two lane road that sits along side of the hill top park, and folks young and old were taking up the watch.

I took over a spot to enjoy the spectacle both in the sky and there in the park.

Not really thinking about serious picture taking I just grabbed my digital camera...of little value in the middle of the darkness of the early morning.  Not worrying too much, for it was obvious that there would be plenty of documented photos to be found, I settled in.

The full moon was slowly being engulfed. Brightly it still lit the sky, and I sang quietly to myself an all time fav song; John Renbourne's, Travellers' Prayer. There were more than a dozen stars making themselves known even with the lights of LA trying to outshine them all.

As more and more of the shadow of the earth took it's bite out of the moonlight in front of me, I could feel the sun rising to my back. It was a grand feeling watching the moon disappear as the colors of the dawn light spread further and further.

I was happy to have chosen to get up and out to experience this for myself.

Remember that silly camera? Well, as the dawn light came it provided a fun backlit photo opp of those others who chose also to see this for themselves. This is the picture I'm sharing with you here.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Dang... How did I manage to miss your open house! I hope that it went well. That photo is spectacular!

Rose Hughes said...

you were missed..everything's still up if you want to drop by and checkmit out... it was amazing to be there glad I DID!