Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Quickly Things Change

I awoke on Monday, the day after a fun, wonderful Christmas day with friends and family to find myself smack dab in the middle of chaos. Mind you I knew what I was in for, and I had prepared for the onslaught, but nothing really prepares you for having your entire home turned upside down. What am I talking about?

Some time ago, my husband and I decided to remove all the carpeting from our home and put in hard wood flooring. There ensued the enevitable shopping and picking of installation dates and prepping the house. But, when the installers said they would start one room and work their way through the other three I thought there would be a transferring back of what was removed.

Silly me. As some point yesterday there was probably a few feet of usable space for me to try and tuck my laptop into and try to work. AND, the kitties think they have been moved to a noisy, excessively rude planet...and they want their old space back!

In the middle of this my desktop system died and all hopes of getting scans done for my current project were totally, totally dashed until, taking a deep breath, I said there has to be a way. Then low and behold that simple scan app, downloaded to my iPad on a whim a while back, came to the rescue.

Here are a few pictures of the mess.
Edgar finally found a place of refuge after I moved his fav pillow to the floor at my feet.
Looking into the master bedroom - yes, there is a bed in there somewhere.

Here Edgar winds his way through the stacks of wood awaiting installation.
Today is the studio!!!!!


Valerie Kamikubo said...

You'll be so thankful that you did it once it's all over though. Isn't it funny how our animals get so upset when their environments are disturbed?... just like us.

Cindy Cooksey said...

Oh no! It's no fun to live with chaos. I hope it finishes up soon.

Rose Hughes said...

the new year starts with a clean slate... floors done and everything back in its place....