Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Perfect Sew-In

the prepped fabrics awaiting stitching at the beginning of the day

What happens when you bring fabric, friends and food together?
Well, if they are quilters it is likely to turn into a SEW-IN.
This past weekend a group of my friends volunteered to help me get some of the quilt projects for my upcoming book stitched together. So I prepped fabrics and patterns, laid in a supply of yummy food and got ready for the fun. Sam, Natalie, Jake, young Sam & Vicki!! & fun it was to have everyone here in the studio. A big heartfelt thanks to the stitchers you see here, and the one behind the camera(Nat), too!  Hope you can get a bit of an idea of all the fun projects that are coming in the next book.....
our youngest quilter help set the table - while everyone else lined up for sustanience

tops done --- now the fun of the quilting & the shine-up begins!

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natalie. beyond the reef said...

What a fun day! Can't wait for this next book...