Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time is Flying - It is Time

I've been working on focus this year and feel like I am taking steps (small as they may seem) in this direction. I have put these steps on paper and worked out a plan to keep me moving. Moving I am, but you know there may be sidetracks along the way and I uncovered one last week. This one came up as I was calendaring and realizing that my hubby and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage this March. This got me thinking about that long ago wedding in Yosemite -- freshly fallen snow and the whole valley looking like cake covered in beautiful white frosting... Back then I was a brand new quilter, and of course I had to have a signature quilt to commemorate this special day. Well, admittedly I did have the guests all sign blocks and even made them into a top -- but, OMGosh who on earth picked those colors?!? I have no trouble understanding why this quilt was never finished.

I don't have many UFO's but this is one of them. From that first year of quilting, till now, I wanted to create a Yosemite quilt and I had even started collecting images of the scene I first wanted to stitch together. The chapel at the foot of Half Dome - of course. It is time, and I will be off - wonderfully sidetracked - to make this quilt. I'm posting a picture of the original quilt top -- and I hope to enlist my friendship group to maybe help me unstitch those signatures blocks so I can include them on the back.

It seems fitting - it was right around my 10 year anniversary that I set off on the road to creating the Fast-Piece Applique method that I use, and have written about, to stitch my quilts together. I made the quilt By The Light of the Moon based on that year's anniversary trip to Mendicino. So, now is the time for my Yosemite Chapel piece.

Would you like to hear about it as it gets pulled together? I'll be filling you right here as I get going.

You can all be my accountability partners for this project.

Wish me well.
(maybe I can even figure out a way to represent the hiking boots that I had to wear to the chapel. Worn to get me through the snow and then changed in order to walk down the aisle).


Valerie Kamikubo said...

Congratulations to you and David on your upcoming big day. I love the chapel photo and look forward to seeing the commemorative quilt that you do.

natalie. beyond the reef said...

What a stunning picture of the chapel. And what a great story, Rose. Time flies.

Rose Hughes said...

thanks for you comments - I am really looking forward to working on this quilt -- so long coming...hope you keep making sure I'm working on it!

Sallie said...

Colors aren't too bad for 20 years ago and a new quilter. You have come so far in your quilting art since then. Save one of the colored blocks for a label! And then, do your magic.

Rose Hughes said...

sallie- even back then these were not my colors... guess I really was green. I do like your idea of keeping one of the silly things tho. wiil do!