Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indigo Treasures

We spent the earlier part of our day clamping, tying, stitching and even a bit of ironing of various fabrics... All so we could dip them into the indigo pot and watch the magic. The first bit of magic is that everything goes into the pot turns green... lovely greens that you immediately say 'how can I get it stay this color'. Then almost as fast as it hits the air it begins its transformation into it's final shades of blue. This should be plenty of magic for anyone, but we get the additional treat of undoing the clamps, pulling the stitches or pulling off freezer paper bits for more fun magical revelations.

One in our group brought amazing books to sharing on indigo dying and shiborri. Both were wonderful not only to look at but gave very useful information that added to the fun.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

They turned out great! Do you have specific plans for your yet?

Rose Hughes said...

Great question Val...mine are all done with a certain amount of clothes pins for they created small squares on the finished pieces that remind me of tall building windows...and somewhere down the road I plan to use them in some city scapes.