Sunday, July 5, 2009

Button, Button

My fellow travellers and I where able to hunt down some incredible finds on our embellishment safari. Joanell & Jeanette have been kind enough to share their photos with me and I will attempt to share some of these with you.

Our favorite finds had to be the buttons, and while we knew there were amazing varie
ties out there we were surprised at how much fun it was to hunt down and see in the wild all these little wonders.
There were two popular watering holes where the 'little (and some not so little' beasts) chose
to show off. The first was a store call The Button Store, 8344 W 3rd St, LA. When Faye, the owner, tells and shares all about the buttons in her store you will be in awe. She is incredibly knowlegable and giving, and the the buttons in her store should not be missed. Her collections of modern and antique buttons is extensive and she carries quite a few exclusive lines. It was truly a treat to visit this store.

Our second, must see locations for buttons was F&S Fabrics in West LA. While the collections of fabrics and trims were incredible at this store, the buttons found here were volumous.

I'm including here five photos... sorry but there were so many to choose from, color wise, texture wise, thematically
and just plain fun that I can only leave you a small taste.

Enjoy... a
nd check back for more.
Even better, tell me about your favorite button places.

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mtabar said...

Hi Rose,I have not been to a button store for a long time, thanks for sharing!