Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting Over...

In my latest book I talk about the cycle of creativity.
I introduced and defined a couple of new words:
and passed along fun, simple exercises to encourage playing and learning about basic design elements:

with 2013 upon us -- a cycle is set to begin again....

with art and creativity of course...

So start following me over on my new blog today
-- and be ready to join in the cycle of creativity fun!
while together we'll learn, experience, gather...
sort, examine, incubate...
dive in, do, pull it all together...
share, sit back, view, examine, re-examine
and enjoy it all the more as starts over again!

As a gatherer, collector and researcher by nature, and lover of the creative process, sharing each stop it takes along the way is what I'm planning to do...
(OK, I do fancy the idea of being a Flight Coordinator for creativity adventures)

My sharing ways to
ARTIFY your life,

and QUILTIFY the world, begins as the clock strikes midnight...
Happy New Year's Eve!


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